Photo cred: Kate Labeau


Hi. It's me, Ranu. 

Aka lanuchan. It's my childhood nickname, and what my parents used to call me growing up. I've spent the last 8 years in NYC, exploring the amazing things this city has to offer. By day, I'm a project manager and I work with teams to build digital products. Any other time, you can find me wondering about my next meal or trip.

A few years ago, I realized that a lot of my friends were asking me for tips on where to travel, what to eat and what to try. So, I decided to put this list together each week, in hopes that it's somewhat useful to all of you (friends included). Life's too short to have to discover everything on your own, so my goal is to share the things that I find useful, delicious, interesting or just new and cool. Everything I write about is approved by me personally, and I hope you discover something new from The Lanuchan List.

Drop me a line anytime at with feedback, thoughts or just to say hello.